Missionaries to Papua New Guinea

Getting Warmed Up

 What a crazy month it has been.  First of all thank you all so much for your prayers and emails, it means so much.  Keep it up! 

  We arrived in Madang and unpacked our things for a few days and headed to Goroka for the Foursquare National Pastors Bung (conference).  We were greeted by the National leaders (many of whom are like uncles to Paul) and were asked to be a part of the parade that started the Bung.  Mason was thrilled to go up on stage with Paul and cut the ribbon for the opening of the newly completed Goroka Foursquare church.

 pic-1.gifPaul with Kauga, the National General Supervisor of Foursquare and Pastor of the Goroka Foursquare Church (Paul’s uncle in a PNG way)

   Since we’ve returned to Madang we’ve loved building relationships with the Bible School students and their families.  The school has over 35 students (plus children), many of the whom were pastoring several churches before they came.  Most of these students and their families come with little more than the clothes on their back.  They are hard working people that are constantly praying and worshiping each of them full of faith and eager to learn.   Paul has begun teaching and discipliing the young men at the school and is getting ready for a regional youth camp for several provinces in Papua New Guinea this month.  

picture4.jpgCarina with one of her new friends in the Bible School 

  God has given Mason a new best friend in one of the bible school student’s “pikinini” or children named Josiah.  Josiah has not made friends with the other children because he is from a tribe that doesn’t speak pidgin.  Even though the boys don’t speak the same language they find hilarious was to communicate and play games together.

picture3.jpg Mason with Josiah

   We are learning our way around town on the PMV (public motor vehicle) since we still do not have a car.  The great thing about PNG is that most people take the pmv’s into town, so it is a great way to meet people and build relationships.  We have a wonderful neighbor who is the manager of a car dealership and is working hard to find us a good used vehicle.

Our prayer requests for this month are:

Prayer Points

· Building strong relationships with Pastor Kario and Mavis and other leaders· Good working vehicle to handle PNG roads· Health for Paul, Carina, Mason and Ezra· Carina as she runs church preschool with over 200 kids· Paul as he teaches and assists in regional youth camp near Lae

   Carina came to PNG feeling from the Lord that whatever the church needed her to do she would do it.  She is now helping run the church’s preschool with over 200 children from surrounding villages.  The children vary in ages from 3 to 8 years old because of the lack of education and finances in their families.  The preschool is over flowing with children because it is one of two schools in Madang that teaches English (highly valued to people here) at an elementary level. The preschool has no curriculum and very little resources.  However, it has been amazing to see how many children have come to Jesus because of these teachers and the school. 

pic-2.jpgHere are some of Carina’s new studentsThank you all for the prayer, support and encouragement.  We miss you all but love it here.

Paul, Carina, Mason, and Ezra

 CONTACT US (We love hearing from You)Greer Family  PO Box 564 Madang, M.P.  Papua New GuineaEmail: greerfamilypng@gmail.com

Website: www.greerfamilypng.wordpress.com

Carina’s personal blog: www.missionarymommy.wordpress.com



One response

  1. Peggy Kua

    Carina and Greer family,
    Aloha from the U.S.A.
    We miss you guys so much, but you are exactly where you need to be. God loves those children so much, He sent them You! You are the perfect vessel to funnel God’s perfect Love to them. Blessings upon you and your family. We continue to lift you up in prayer. Paul, I am so blessed to see you follow God in your passions, and how you bring your family along in that. May God continue to empower you and bring you before ‘kings’!
    We love you guys!

    March 25, 2008 at 4:42 pm

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